Talking to people and writing about it. Names link to the interviews. (Listed in chronological order with the most recent first.)

Tyler Gobble, small press “litstar”
Mike Young, editor of Magic Helicopter Press and Noo Journal, author of Look, Look Feathers
xTx, small press all star who has a day job at [redacted] and [redacted] children, auhtor of Normally Special
DJ Berndt, benevolent editor of Pangur Ban Party
Frank Hinton, small press editor and mysterious dream girl
Stephen Tully Dirks, editor of the occasional journal Pop Serial
Crispin Best, internet funny guy and editor of For Every Year
Rainn Wilson, comedian and actor most famous for his role on “The Office”
Zack Bolotin, the Seattle Weekly’s Best of Seattle 2010 “Best Po’ Man’s Tycoon,” coffee shop owner and founder of Porchlight Records
DJ Alan, a pirate radio DJ in Seattle’s Captiol Hill neighborhood
Quang Dinh, a Seattle based clothing designer
Mia Dang, an international student whose visa was threatened by finances


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