Pics, or it didn’t happen

Hey! It’s been awhile.

These are some things that happened while I was absent from blogging:

  • Presented my senior thesis on the importance of small press publishing in the age of audience fragmentation at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research
  • Co-curated my first public-art exhibition as part of my internship with Urban Art Concept
  • Finally graduated from Seattle University with a double major in strategic communications and creative writing
  • Temporarily ‘expatriated’ to Italy, where I will be writing from until late-ish August

Here’s some photo evidence:

Read with Me, a collection of site-specific pieces created by a dozen different writers on Pioneer Square’s Occidental Park. If you’re in Seattle, you can see this until the end of August. Due to space and budgetary constraints, we couldn’t use all the works of the writers we solicited, but there’s a slight chance we might do something like this again in the future.

Read With Me contributing writers: Tara Atkinson, Greg Bem, Jamey Braden, Richard Chiem, Darren Davis, Wilie Fitzgerald, Len Kuntz, Stacey Levine, Justin Noga, Bernadette Pajer, Kevin Sampsell, M. Thompson and Jane Wong. Co-curators: Frances Dinger and Bryan Ohno.

Me with the people who made my education possible.

And to close, a very cheesy photo that gives me the warm-fuzzies. Post graduation walk with my two favorite men, Dad on the right and Richard Chiem on the left.


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