My alt lit award picks, post award ceremony (+bonus dance of the alt lit prom king and queen)

Bellow are my nominations for the Alt Lit Awards which happened last night while I was in transit from ruralish Eastern Washington to Seattle. I did not nominate an Alt Lit Prom King and Queen because I was not aware that was a category when Frank sent me the ballot a couple weeks ago. I am more than flattered to share the title with Richard Chiem. Richard texted me about the award while I was eating dinner with my family before they took me to the airport. Following the announcement, my mom tried to explain internet lit to my grandparents.

All the people/journals/poems/stories/books that were recognized last night deserve that recognition, but I wanted to give a shout out to some of my favorite pieces/entities/people from this year. Also, I will admit that my list blatantly favors the Pacific Northwest.

Alt Lit Writer of the Year (male) – Blake Butler for his continued contributions to the alt/young/internet lit community and for proving small press writers can successfully transition to large press.

Alt Lit Writer of the Year (female) – Molly Gaudry for all her support of the alt-lit community.

Best Alt Lit Novel- “The Weather Stations” by Ryan Callbecause there was no story collection category and this beautiful book of stories about human grief as told through extreme weather events has not had enough good things said about it.

Best Alt Lit Short Story – “Age Hung Us Out to Dry” by Ryan Call

Best Alt Lit Poem – “Why I Am A Tree” by Heather Christle

Best Alt Lit Online Mag – Housefire

Best Alt Lit Journal/Mag – Pank

Best Alt Lit Chapbook- “The Cows” by Lydia Davis. Don’t know if Lydia Davis can still be considered alt lit. Don’t care.

Best Alt Lit Moment- The launch of the Lit Pub

Breakout Alt Lit Writer (Male)- Ryan Call

Breakout Alt Lit Writer (Female) – Megan Boyle

Best New Litzine – Hoarse

And now, Ricky C. and I will take our dance as prom king and queen via Michael Inscoe’s video “We Are a Goldmine”


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