a sort of late april round up

I already posted about the first of the Mixtape Reading series (which will likely continue, limited edition chapbooks included) but that wasn’t the only reading in April. April 14, I also had the pleasure of performing as part of the Smalldoggies Magazine reading series with a number of other talented writers including Rob Noble, who gave a lecture on why Elvis was a pioneer in cosplay counter-culture; poet and editor of Write Bloody Publishing, Derrick Brown; Mindy Nettifee made a brief appearance to preview the Portland Review reading that happened the night after; and Rob Gray provided some sweet musical stylings to open the evening. The night was hosted by Matty Byloos and Carrie Seitzinger, who were also sweet enough to make me dinner and let me play with their cats the following night.

Other cool things that happened in April:

-I met Riley Michael Parker of Metazen and Housefire in person for the first time.
-I read Weather Stations by Ryan Call, which was published March 1 on Caketrain. Buy it and read it. I will be posting a review soon.
There is No Year by Blake Butler came out on Harper Perennial. It is surreal, disjointed (though, less so than Scorch Atlas) and much similar to House of Leaves but less showy. Highly recommended.
– Small Press Festival 2011 hosted a Small Press Expo in partnership with the Hugo House and Rogue Scholar.
-Tara Atkinson, Willie Fitzgerald, Summer Robinson and crew brought SPF2011 to a close with a sweet closing party, “Dancing with Pomeranians,” which was filmed by Rogue Scholar.

Photos of both the Smalldoggies and Portland Review reading as well as a video of my performance (awkward stage banter included!) taken by my lovely cousin Kerri Anne are below.

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