Wiley Coyote

Luna Miguel translated my poem “Wiley Coyote” into Spanish. Luna is talented and sweet and I can’t wait for an English translation of her poetry. My poem in Spanish can be found here on Luna’s blog. Thank you, Luna! Read her work here.

I unfortunately do not speak Spanish and I’m sure some of you are in that boat as well. The original English text can be found after the jump.


The winter is almost over when the coyotes come
close to the house. Each night, feet from the porch
until dad comes up from the basement with the gun.

First shot skyward.
(The clouds and animal are indifferent.)
Second shot bites furred flesh shoulder.

The animal flees wounded, blood blooming
from its shoulder. Dad lights to the woods,
into the trees and more trees and spaces between trees.

But he loses the coyote in the snow,
blood trailing into brush, thorny bushes
too thick to trail through. The snow will last

until April. and by then the body
will be gone. Nature knows
we’re April’s only fools.

Dad comes home hungry.
The coyotes will come again, hungry.
They’ve got no pantry out there,

no condensed soup,
no ramen with vegetables,
russet potatoes sprouting in bags.

How do you feed a family on doubt.
Does an animal feel responsible
for the well being of its children.

Coyote to his family:
Let’s go into the woods.
Let’s have a Donner party.*

(I love you. I will eat you)

To avoid problems with translation (IE: The Donner party incident perhaps not being familiar to Spanish readers), the second to last line in the translated text translates to, “We will have a dinner party where we will eat each other.


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