this is a round up (february edition)

February seemed less productive than January. In February I…

interviewed xTx, who is [redacted] years younger than my mom. Buy xTx’s book here.

interviewed DJ Berndt, founder of Pangur Ban Party and Metazen’s newest editor.

-had my short story “The Sphere of the Attraction Which is in the Moon Extends as Far as the Earth” published on Crispin Best’s publishing project For Every Year.

-made a cameo in Michael Inscoe‘s video for Richard Chiem’s “The Rivalry of Dancers.” Also in the video, a bunny, many intoxicated hipsters, Phillip Huddleston and Crispin Best. Crispin and I are Team Google Video Chat. (My favorite part of the video: “Long distance lovemaking is a bitch.” “How do you make love long distance? Are you talking about phone sex?” “Yes.”)


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