this is a round up (january edition)

I was told I would look cute with antlers.

In January, I took this picture of myself while taking another picture to go with my interview that appeared on Housefire.

In January, I…

interviewed Stephen Tully Dierks of Pop Serial.

interviewed Frank Hinton of Metazen.

-wrote about girls in movies in the year 2010 with one of my coworkers.

-was interviewed by Metazen editor Riley Michael Parker for Metazen’s new sister blog of interviews and solicited fiction, Housefire.

reviewed SPRAWL by Danielle Dutton for Pilot Books.

-got an ‘award‘ from Metazen that I am embarrassed for my family to read about. (Hi! Mom and Dad.)

-finished a short story about Galileo’s discovery of four moons of Jupiter called “The Sphere of Influence of the Attraction Which is in the Moon Extends as Far as the Earth” that will soon appear on For Every Year. The story includes a passage in which Galileo’s nameless intern discovers the buttered cat paradox:
“Galileo’s intern observes that buttered bread almost always lands butter side down when dropped and cats (except elderly ones) always land on their feet, so what if we were to attach a piece of buttered bread, facing upward, to the back of a young cat and drop it from a certain height and see what happens, har har.”

Seems productive.


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