seems bleak

I had to record five days of activity for my poetry class in order to identify wasted time that could be used writing. I’m calling it a ‘list poem.’ It includes veiled references to conversations with Richard Chiem and Crispin Best, lots of waking up and not getting out of bed, eating, etc. Click images to embiggen.

Day 1 of time-logBoring, boring.
Day 2 of time log.

"Arrived alone at house show and stood awkwardly in back of room with acquaintance who had also arrived alone."

Day 3 of time-log.

"Argued about what it means to have a lot of Twitter followers."

"Hand washed hand-washables."

"Said aloud, 'I felt compassion for the salmon and I don't care anymore.'"

"Worked on villanelle. Felt emotionally stunted."



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