i (eye) read: sheep in sheep’s clothing

From Richard Chiem’s “eye reading” series. He made a visit to Seattle in February. We made this video, had a small reading and lots of revelry.

Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing
by Frances E. Dinger

(an excerpt)

Lola had a peculiar dream last night. She was walking home from the gym, past the outdoor tennis courts where a young moose was sniffing at the ground, looking for grass that wasn’t ever going to grow out of the pavement. She took out her phone to take a picture of the moose when the moose looked over at her. Oh shit. She thought, resting her hand on the high chain link fence. She wonders if the animal can be contained by the fence and is very conscious of the clouded breath coming out of her mouth. She sees it close up, her subconscious directing a frightening and beautiful movie. Her breath is a very light gray against the blurry background of green shrubs, the green and reddish tennis court with white stripes. “Oh shit,” she said and the moose began to run towards the gate by the courts. The gate was open.

Lola tried to run from the spectral moose but seriously when does she go to the gym? When has she ever been in shape to outrun a moose? He was bearing down on her, head low, the ghost of his antlers ready to crash into her back. Scared, she jumped. She found herself floating above the young bull, the young bully.

For a while she just treaded air, unable to fly or swim forward and the moose just jumped angrily beneath her until she decided to swan dive into the earth and wait for him to leave. And he did leave. She doesn’t remember if she was bruised when he started stomping on the vulnerable ground.

She wakes up and tells David about the dream. “Anxiety is maybe like floating above an angry moose,” he says.

She just pours a bowl of cereal and is silent, thinking of something clever to say. She looks out the window. It is a clear day, probably not warm but it is sunny. She feels like this is the first sunny day in maybe ten years.

She says, “But there are no moose in Seattle.”

“Then you have nothing to be afraid of[1].”

[1] Please do not fear me.


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